14 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Get your paws on these last minute gifts for dogs, cats, and those that love them. They’re practical, require...

DIY Gift Alert: Dog Biscuit Mix in a Jar

  Just like ‘mix-in-a-jar’ gifts you’ve seen for cookies and muffins, this is the same idea — but with...

Teach Your Dog to Drop It

Struggling to retrieve things from your pup’s mouth can be frustrating (and even dangerous). Don’t worry — we can...

All About Paw Preference in Dogs

Is your dog left-pawed or right-pawed, or does she show any paw preference at all? And what does it mean...

Fast Facts on Foreign Body Ingestion

Your dog puts just about anything in her mouth, so learn how to you identify and treat foreign body...
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14 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers
Feasts & Treats
DIY Gift Alert: Dog Biscuit Mix in a Jar
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Teach Your Dog to Drop It
More Bones to Chew On
All About Paw Preference in Dogs
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Fast Facts on Foreign Body Ingestion

Feasts & Treats Tips

Find outings, activities, and treats to indulge your deserving dog.

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Feasts & Treats

Homemade Halloween Dog Treats

It’s Halloween and everyone is getting treats. Why not whip up a batch of Halloween-shaped dog treats for the furriest little monsters of the night? Read on for this simple recipe. A beagle dressed as a bagel, a lab in…

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K9 Care

What To Know About Dogs and Chocolate

You’ve heard chocolate is bad for dogs, but exactly how much chocolate is bad for dogs? Are some types of chocolate more dangerous than others? Find out why chocolate can be harmful, and what to do if your dog eats chocolate….

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