Delight Your Dog with a Subscription to BarkBox

If you think your dog’s barking and excitement over the mail or package delivery person is absurd now, just imagine it after you subscribe to BarkBox, a monthly subscription program offering treats, toys and more for your dog. While BarkBox won’t make it any easier to train your dog not to bark at the door, it will certainly delight your dog. BarkBox also makes a great gift for someone (furry or otherwise) special.


The concept of a monthly box subscription service is not entirely new (think fruit-of-the-month clubs), but it is particularly popular right now. There are subscription programs for everyone and every need – BirchBox for makeup and beauty (as well its equivalent for men, BirchMen), Bluum for new moms, and Kiwi Crate and Babba Box for kids, BarkBox is specifically for your number one — your dog, and is a fun way to discover new and useful products you may not otherwise find.


BarkBox charges $17-29 per month including shipping; the fee is lower when you commit to a longer subscription length, and you are free to cancel at any time. To get started, choose your subscription length and specify your dog’s size (Small for dogs up to 0-20lbs, Just Right for 20-50lbs, and Big&Bold for dogs 50lbs and up) so you’ll receive items that are appropriate for your pup. You’ll then receive a box of goodies for your pup on around the 15th of each month. Included in each box is a card with details about the items you receive so you can find them online in the future.larry-barkbox2
larry-bark-box-smallHaving received three BarkBox deliveries so far, I’m very impressed with the service. Each has contained a combo of toys and treats and other goodies that Woof Report Larry has used or will use, and they’re full size products, not samples. Three more reasons why I love Bark Box: 1. I love to spoil Larry, and I’m always looking for fun new finds to share with Woof Report readers and this makes it easy. 2. 10% of each member’s subscription fees go to support dogs in need. 3. I like the business implications behind it and other subscription programs too – it’s an awesome way for a pet product manufacturer to get their products in the hands (and in most case, mouths of dogs) and create some buzz.


The Scoop:

Check out BarkBox, and use the link below to take $5 off your subscription of any size.

Woof Reporter Larry is featured in the photos above and looks forward to his monthly delivery!

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