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StickerBooks from

Published: Aug. 21, 2008
Subject: Stick with Me
Category: Dog People's Choice

StickerBooks from

StickerBooks from

As tempting as it is to email your entire doggie photo album to everyone you know, it’s probably best to hold back. Even as you scroll through tedious toddler albums, somehow Fido’s birthday photos illicit eye rolling from friends. It’s so unfair. So to make sure your pup’s portraits get the airtime they deserve, why not sneak them into everyday life?

This is where comes in. The folks at this global London-based printing company have your back. Their high-quality glossy sticker books make it easy to put your pup on envelopes, letters, gift tags -- anywhere you want your dog to be.

Look what moo can do. Get up to ninety different full-color photos or designs printed on stickers and bound into a handy pocket-sized book. Or, if you have just a few favorite pup shots, use just those. You can add up to six designs per sheet with each sticker sheet perforated for easy tearing and sharing.

It’s a snap to use. Just upload your dog’s photos to from your computer, flickr, facebook, bebo or other sites. Then crop them to perfection, personalize your booklet by choosing the cover color of your choice and place your order.

And in the spirit of getting your pup’s pics out there, check out’s great selection of photo-worthy cards. Choose from minicards, postcards, notecards, all adorned with your dog’s picture and/or cool ready-made designs by moo’s designers. Who can resist them? Pick up a pack for yourself or another dog parent with hundreds of pictures ready to go.


The Scoop: StickerBooks
Prices start at $9.99 for a sticker book with 90 stickers, just $2.99 for shipping and $.99 for each additional item.

Make your own StickerBooks

Order a ready-made pack with 30 different adorable puppies – no photo upload required!

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