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Taz Ah Mugs

Published: Sep. 30, 2008
Subject: Who You Calling Dogface?
Category: Dog People's Choice

Taz Ah Mugs

Taz Ah Mugs

Crack up your co-workers in your next Monday morning meeting. Start off with a serious topic, commanding full attention of the room, then pause and reach down for your elegant white bone china mug. Then, when the moment’s just right, bring it to your lips to reveal the hilarious dog nose and mouth image on the bottom.

Sure, there are other ways to let your friends and colleagues know you don’t take yourself too seriously. It isn’t really necessary to replace the lower half of your face with that of a dog (or monkey, rabbit, tiger, or our personal favorite, pig). But thanks to the brilliant Taz Ah mugs, it’s possible. And for that, and a good laugh first thing on a Monday morning, this idea definitely holds water (or better yet, coffee).


The Scoop:

Taz Ah Mug, $23

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