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Create Your Own Bookstore Quality Books

Published: Oct. 27, 2008
Subject: Your New Favorite Book
Category: Dog People's Choice

Create Your Own Bookstore Quality Books

Create Your Own Bookstore Quality Books

Is it really fair to deprive your loved ones the joy of seeing all of your dog’s Halloween photos? Especially those few family members who haven’t gone digital yet – will they just miss your hilarious uploads? For these folks, and for the future of your Halloween memories, we invite you to visit With their handy software, you can make your own, professional quality books featuring your costumed pets.


As it turns out, Halloween is the biggest photo holiday of the year, even bigger than Christmas. So is ready to turn your post-trick or treat photos into customized books or portfolios. Of course, you can make other photo books for weddings or business, or snappy printed copies of blogs. But without your dog’s mug on the cover, how many can you really sell? That’s right. If you’d like, can sell your books at cost or for profit in their online bookstore.


With hundreds of professionally-designed layouts, fonts, backgrounds, borders and hand-illustrated designs to choose from, it’s a snap to create incredible books with no design experience. You don’t even need to import your photos or blogs – the slurp tools grab them all for you from Flickr, Picassa, and SmugMug or your blog site.


Once runs off a few copies, why not order a couple for your pup’s book signing and give them away as gifts? To entice the crowd to come, just send them an invite-only preview of the book or share it with the world in’s bookstore. 

Halloween comes just once a year. But a photo of a pug in a wonder woman costume must last forever. makes it so.


The Scoop:
Create your own books with photos only or text and photos. Prices start at $12.95 for softcover books and $22.95 for hardcover books.


Thank you to Danielle Daigle Photography for the image of her blurb book cover featuring Lucy.

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