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Celebrate Pup Parenthood with Custom Charms and Keychains

Published: Apr. 16, 2009
Subject: Honor the Dog Mom
Category: Dog People's Choice

Celebrate Pup Parenthood with Custom Charms and Keychains

Celebrate Pup Parenthood with Custom Charms and Keychains

It happens every May. Human mothers everywhere are showered with cards, gifts and brunches. But what about the doggie moms? They lovingly serve meals and treats, they shuttle from dog park to vet and home again. They walk their fur child in the driving rain. The time has come to celebrate this labor of love. Join Woof Report this Mother’s Day as we honor the Dog Mom with custom gift ideas starring their fuzzy pride and joy.

We love these fabulous fused-glass custom pendants. All you need is a pup’s picture and you can order them in time for Mother’s Day. Then choose a color and you’re done. Each piece arrives with an 18-inch chain for a necklace or turn it into a cool key chain or zipper pull. And at $38 for the first piece and just $18 for each additional one in the same design, why not order them for the whole family? Dog Moms will love the necklace, Dads will dig the key chain, and kids will love the zipper pull or school bag ornament.


The Scoop:

Custom fused glass pendants for necklaces, key chains and more from thirtydash9, $38 each and $18 for each additional one in the same design. Available in white, sky blue, lavender, green, pale pink and amber.


At Woof Report, we can’t resist custom pet art and jewelry – and bottles of wine too. For more made-to-order gifts and goodies honoring the pups you love, stop by these past tips anytime.


Wear your pup’s photo wherever you go with Little Windows Photo Jewelry.


Dog Lover’s Wine will custom design a label with your pup’s photo. turns your dog’s photo into a work of art.

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