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Mailbag Must-Sees

Published: Apr. 26, 2009
Subject: Reader’s Dogest III
Category: Dog People's Choice

Mailbag Must-Sees

Mailbag Must-Sees

The Woof Reporters’ top source for the pup-worthy tips and products isn’t always the web, magazines or even experts – it’s you, our readers. Thanks for sending us your training ideas, treat recipes, all the hot leads on doggie stuff you want to share. Here are just a few favorites from our Woof Report mailbag.   


Ticked Off
“I just received an email on easy tick removal for pets or people for hard-to-reach places without using tweezers or pulling it out on your own. Take liquid soap on a saturated cotton ball. Cover the tick and rub slightly with the soap-covered cotton ball for 20 to 30 seconds and the tick will come out on its own in the cotton ball. Give it a try.”
- Donna and Raven


Collar Cool
“Most woofalicious collars this side of Houndsville!”
WoofWoof & SEW On Dog Collars by BiceDesigns
- Sarah and Bramcote


Losing It
“When your pup needs to lose a few pounds, add some green beans to the makes them think that they’re getting a treat – and more green beans, less food equals taking off some pounds.”
- Oreo 


Chew on This
“When the pups were teething, I would wet a washcloth, wring it out, leave it in the wrung-out shape and freeze it. They loved to chew on it and it also made their gums feel better!”
- Beth and Frosty & Annabelle 


More Teether Tips
“For teething pups, put ice cubes inside an old cotton sock and tie a knot at the opening. They love to chew on the cold ice.”  
- Bo 


Here’s the Beef
“I go one more step on the beef broth in the ice tray. I chip up the leftover chicken from a roasted chicken. Place a bit of chicken in each slot then pour the broth over the chicken. Then I freeze it, break the cubes out of the ice tray once frozen and place them in a freezer zip-loc bag. Put one or two in a bowl and microwave it for 29 seconds, stir and microwave for 20 more seconds. Pour it over "dry food." Your dog will love it! I have a small dog and serve her one over her dry food (two when she was under six months). Or just use as a treat!” 
- Linda and Holly


Get on the Mend
“Our new puppy is full of energy and while he shouldn’t be jumping up and biting (we’re working on this!), he gets excited at times and does, and his teeth have made little holes in the shirts or sweaters I’ve worn. I use "iron on mending fabric" and it’s been easy to mend holes from my pup’s teeth. Find them in grocery or drug stores near the thread and needles, etc. You just cut out a small hole of the mending fabric in a color that matches the item of clothing and then iron it on the inside of the garment – holes are gone, there are no bumps in the fabric, and best of all – no sewing!”
- Janice (the mender) and Ted


Having a Ball
“The best toy I have ever bought for my dog is "the almost indestructible ball.” It is big like a basketball and made out of this hard plastic. My Lab loves it. We have had the ball for about seven years and she still plays with it everyday. The best investment in a toy I have ever made. Any other toy is usually destroyed within a week or two. Every big dog that likes to play should get one of these balls.“
Note: we found it at
- Jennifer and Molly


The Scoop:

See our past Reader’s Dogest Tips – lots of useful ideas!


Reader’s Dogest needs you. Send us your top dog tips today, and to those that have sent in tips – thank you!

Thank you to our Woof Report Friend Peanut for the photo.

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