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Woof Report Reader Tips & Tricks

Published: Aug. 03, 2009
Subject: Reader's Dogest 5
Category: Dog People's Choice

Woof Report Reader Tips & Tricks

Woof Report Reader Tips & Tricks

Psssst. The Woof Reporters want to let you in on something. We absolutely love your ideas, recipes and pup-centric know-how. Keep your fabulous tips and suggestions coming, and we’ll continue to share them. In the meantime, check out just a few of our favorites.


Slurp Solution
"Invert a smaller bowl in your dog’s water dish. It encourages your dog to lap water instead of dunking his whole face in the water bowl. No more floods on the floor too."
- Marley


Treat ’em Right
"There’s a great way to save some cash, and still have yummy treats your dog will love. I use my vegetable dehydrator to dehydrate chicken, beef, and hot dogs for training treats. The treats are more organic and the dogs love them."
- Shelby and Cooper

Be Petpared
"I am a dog walker/pet sitter. I always have a small bag of dog and cat treats in my car for an emergency, such as if a dog is on the run, or a can of cat food if a kitty is roaming the streets. Also, I carry a leash, paper towels, a towel, plastic bags and a bottle of water in my trunk. I also have several vet phone numbers logged in my cell as well as the police. You never know when you will come across a situation."
- Lori, Fred and Claude

Dander Buster
"Allergic to your dog? Anti-Allergen Fabric Spray is a great way to reduce pet dander in your home. It’s non-toxic and safe around kids and pets. It works wonders for your allergies!"
We found more information online at
- Adrienne

Bowled Over
"I fill a plastic bowl with chicken broth, water and various treats and freeze it. Then I give it to Scarlett on hot days. She loves to gnaw on it to get to the treats and she enjoys crunching the icy broth. It helps to leave part of the treat (like munchy sticks or biscuits) sticking out a little bit."
- Scarlett

Refresh Your Walls
"I bought this new paint called Refresh from Dutchboy. It’s great for pet owners, because it absorbs household odors. As much as I love my dogs, I don’t want my house to smell like a kennel."
We found more information online at
- Layla

The Scoop:

Reader’s Dogest needs you. Send the Woof Reporters your top dog tips today, and to those that have sent in tips – thank you!


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Thank you to our Woof Report Friend Mia Sennett for the photo.

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