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Wonderful Custom Pet Portraits

Published: Nov. 08, 2010
Subject: The Perfect Gift for Pet People on Your List
Category: Dog People's Choice

Wonderful Custom Pet Portraits

Wonderful Custom Pet Portraits

Even if you’ve made a vow not to think about holiday gift giving until the day after Thanksgiving, there are times when exceptions must be made. For instance, if you'd like to order a personal one-of-a-kind gift for a pet lover on your gift list, you have no choice but to make a decision by November 15th.  That’s the deadline for holiday orders for custom watercolor pet portraits from Susan Faye.


Let's back up. Who is Susan Faye? Susan is a wonderful artist in the Pacific Northwest who creates original, whimsical watercolor paintings of all kinds of animals with or without their owners. She has painted hundreds of custom portraits of cats and those that love them (evident in her 365 cat ladies blog), and also creates fabulous dogs, bunnies, hamsters, horses, and other animals. What makes the portraits so special are the details; each portrait includes the pet's special markings, and  more, and can be  further personalized depending on the background, accessories and theme you choose.


To order a custom portrait, visit the Susan Faye etsy store, and then send Susan photographs of the pet or pets to be featured and any special information about them. Include all of the details – the dog collar and tag colors, any distinguishing characteristics, and the background color or theme you prefer. And if you or a gift recipient will be included in the portrait, send photos and details as well and any special preferences with regard to clothing colors.


Susan will start with a basic sketch and send it to you for approval and then move on to the finished piece. Before it’s completed, she’ll send you the image for approval in case you have any changes. This is original painting of your pet and she wants to get it just right! You’ll then receive the signed original artwork in the mail, complete with acid-free white double matting, and ready for framing.


Next is the fun part:  surprise someone with a gift they will love or find the perfect spot in the wall for it if it's a gift for yourself.


I was thrilled with my fur family portrait from Susan, so I must share! Below is the portrait I purchased from Susan for my husband for Valentine’s Day. And I'll let you in on a secret:  If you purchase a custom portrait as gift for whomever you share your home with, you’ll get to enjoy it as well!



The Scoop:

Order a custom pet portrait from Susan Faye by November 15th for delivery by Christmas. Custom watercolor painting prices start at $23 for a miniature size and $40 for larger sizes.


View dog portraits on Susan’s blog:


As always, Woof Report’s tips are handpicked and editorial only, and they are not paid advertisements nor sponsored.

Pictured above is a commissioned deluxe watercolor painting by Susan Faye.

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