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Doggie Office Supplies that Get the Job Done

Published: Apr. 04, 2011
Subject: Woof Your Way Through Work
Category: Dog People's Choice

Doggie Office Supplies that Get the Job Done

Doggie Office Supplies that Get the Job Done

Add a little Woof to your workday (or at least to your home office) with these fun supplies that will remind you of the furry ones you love.

As always, Woof Report product picks are handpicked and not advertisements.



Add pup-zazz to your work space with a Scottie Dog Stapler, they're perfect for any dog lover, and at the top of the list for Scottie (and Westie) fans in particular. Available in black and white, $8.99.



Collar your computer cables with the Cable Dog. Sturdy, flexible and cute, the Cable Dog keeps cords contained and your office space tidy. A Cable Croc is available too, $5 each.



From dogs, cats and squirrels to hippos, elephants, bunnies and cows, you'll have a hard time choosing just one set of these adorable Animal-shaped Paper Clips. Choose from 16 animal styles, $6.73 for a box of 30.

Find cute dog bone-shaped paper clips as well at amazon .com.



Your notes will definitely get read when they're written on this charming French Bulldog Post-it Pad. The pup pad features six sweet Frenchie designs $6.95.



Only true dog lovers will see the subtle dog face in this Dog Stapler, so it's an office must-have. Available in silver, red and white, $10.



Make note-taking and compiling to-do lists more fun with a Dogs-in-Sweaters Notebook featuring smiling pups in their winter's finest. Made from recycled materials, $11.95.



And one for the feline fans.... Cat people will purr with delight when they spy this cute smiling kitty tape dispenser, $11.95.


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0 #1 2011-04-08 04:56
LOVE this site! I'm a pet-sitter and always looking for unique Christmas ideas for my clients. You bet I'll be buying from your site!

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