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Mutt Masterpiece

Published: Jan. 22, 2009
Subject: Mutts Like Me
Category: Lend a Paw

Mutt Masterpiece

Mutt Masterpiece

You already know your mutt’s a piece of work, but now, thanks artist Shepard Fairey, he’s a work of art too. The man hailed as an “icon-maker” by TIME Magazine for creating the famous Barack Obama “Hope” poster teamed up with the Adopt-a-Pet adoption charity to promote pet adoptions from coast to coast. His latest creation “Adopt,” modeled after his childhood dog Honey. features the signature artistic style of Fairey’s Obama poster to showcase a true national treasure, the great American mutt.

And since Obama himself commented on his interest in adopting a “mutt like me,” Adopt-A-Pet welcomes you to Stop by to download your own copy of the poster to keep and or post in your community. The “Adopt” poster is also being distributed to over 7,000 animal American shelters to help promote adoption of homeless pets. A message of “Hope” and change for thousands of animals, this wonderful poster is absolutely free.

And just for fun, you can also cast your own image in the style of the famous “Hope” poster. Just upload your or your pup’s picture to  and add a slogan to create your own Fairey-inspired image, compliments of Paste Magazine.


The Scoop:

Download Shepard Fairey’s free “Adopt” poster
Limited-edition prints, stickers, t-shirts and more are also available for purchase.
Learn more about Adopt-A-Pet (formerly, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption charity with available pet listings from over 7,000 public and private animals shelter and humane societies. Even better, start your search for a marvelous mutt or specific breed.

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