Even if it’s just a little something, a squeaky toy or a puppy party favor — just remember, the package makes the present. The folks at Whimsy understand this. When it comes to good gift-wrap, Dog is in the details.

That’s why they created the “Best Friends” line of double-sided gift-wrapping paper. A dog-friendly play at modern design, each high-quality sheet features smart silhouettes of a dog breed you love. Flip it over for “Woof is the New Bark” and other bits of canine wisdom repeated in sleek script. It’s nothing short of Present Perfect.

Get the Golden Giver, the Fetching Spaniel, the Mutt Wagger and the Wiener Dog — all four designs in one cute collection. Complete with two sheets and a set of stickers for each breed, this eight packs’ a wrap. Or, if you’d rather take your pick of the litter, Whimsy sells individual sheets too.

Warning: Some folks can’t bear to tear. So that gifts don’t go unopened, suggest recycling Best Friends gift-wrap to mat a frame, or line a drawer or bulletin board. This way, it brings a little doggie fun for years to come, just like a best friend should.


The Scoop:

Best Friends Gift Wrap by Whimsy
Eight sheets, plus four sticker sets: Original Price: $36. Now: $26. Individual sheets: $4.50 each.