Skip the store bought Valentines this year and send your loved ones something better – a card featuring your not-so-secret admirer, your dog!  All you need is a camera, a few props, blank cards, and your adorable pup, and you’re set.

Follow these easy steps to make your own custom Valentine’s Day cards. Click the image to see a larger version of the card featuring Woof Reporter, Larry.


Prep Your Props. Purchase a Valentine’s Day heart-shaped pillow from a drugstore for your dog to hold in his mouth, or to be by placed by his side. A heart-shaped candy box can be placed next to him too (just be sure to eat the chocolate before using it – sometimes sacrifices are necessary!).  Maybe your dog will hold the handles of a Valentine’s Day gift bag in his mouth, or you can place him on a red bed or mat, or have him wear a red scarf.  The mini heart-shaped pillows pictured were $1 each at Target.


Snap Your Photo. Pet photos are best taken using natural light and without a flash to avoid giving your dog eyes that glow. Experiment and take a number of shots using various props and different angles (getting down on your pet’s level usually results in a great shot). You already know you’ll need to take a number of photos to get the right one, and that treats are key in keeping your dog interested!


Crop and Print Your Photos. Choose one photo for all of your cards or use different photos for each one.


Purchase or Make Blank Cards. Find blank cards and matching envelopes at an art supply store, or make your own. Popular Strathmore cards come with matching envelopes and in various sizes and cost $3 and up for 10 cards and envelopes. You can also purchase cardstock and make your own cards. Use an 8” x 11” sheet to make 5.5” x 8.5” inch cards for use with A9 envelopes, or create two smaller 4.5” x 5.5” cards with A2 envelopes.


Add Your Dog’s Photo and Message. Glue your photo on the blank card and add your message with a red marker or red watercolor paints (choose textured watercolor cards if you choose the latter). Don’t forget to add your dog’s name to the signature!


Send your love and kisses to your Valentine sweeties knowing the best card they’ll receive is the one from you and your dog!