Earlier this month, I wrote about a company called, which lets you create bookstore-quality books of all types from your images and text regardless of your level of computer and design skills. Read the tip, Create a Book to Showcase Your Dog’s Good Looks, to see how easy it is to create a book to honor the dog in your life or to create as a gift for a dog lover, and flip through the pages of the book I created with Blurb.


And now, I’m happy to announce a giveaway from Blurb!  Post a note with the type of book you’d like to make in the Comments section below to be entered to win a $75 Free Book Coupon from Blurb.  With $75, you can create one book or a number of books depending on the book size or number of pages. Enter by August 8th, 2011 and one winner will be chosen at random and notified by August 10th via email (Only I’ll see your email when you post a comment). Good Luck!


A few more things about Blurb…

  • In addition to creating a book for yourself, you also create one to sell online at Blurb, and have all proceeds sent to a charity you choose. If you participate in Blurb’s “Blurb for Good” program, your charity can even earn an additional $1 for each book sold. This is just what Jamie Hopf is doing with the wonderful book she created (which you can view and purchase online), Loveabulls, Life and Love with Rescued Bullies. All book proceeds (and the extra $1 per book sold) go directly to the charity she’s supporting, Best Friends Animal Society.

Lastly, full disclosure – I work for Blurb! Still, this is not an advertisement because I’ve seen hundreds of incredible books of all types and on all topics created and printed with Blurb, and I’d definitely recommend it whether I worked there or not.


Below and above are photos of Woof Reporter, Larry, posing proudly with the printed book I received in the mail! 









The Scoop:

Enter the $75 Free Book Coupon from Blurb giveaway by posting the type of book you’d like to make in the Comments section below to be entered to win. Enter by August 10th, 2011, and one winner will be chosen at random and notified by August 12th.  Good Luck!


Learn more about making your own book at, and save 20% off a Blurb book you make when you apply the following code at checkout:  BLURB20.


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