It won’t be long now. You’ll deny a few choice table scraps or refuse to share your pillow and just like that, it will happen. You’ll wake to a note above his dog door — “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer”.

Welcome to America, where even your dog has a lawyer or at the very least, needs one.  All it takes is a one-pup esquire and your dog’s covered. Just look at Leona’s Helmsley’s beloved pooch “Trouble”. Thanks to his lawyer, he endures his grief with help of his loving staff and 12 million dollars.

But even if your dog doesn’t stand to inherit a massive fortune, he still needs a trusted legal advisor. How else would you know his rights when traveling, visiting the vet, or renting a property? Not to mention keeping up on the changing state leash laws, vaccination requirements and injury liability — it’s time to call in counsel.

Enter Every Dog’s Legal Guide: A Must-Have Book For Your Owner, by Mary Randolph, J.D. This practical, must-have guide for all dog people keeps you current on legal issues that affect you, your dog, even your neighbors. Get the facts on everything from your rights when buying a dog to providing for him in your will. And since it comes from Nolo, the Berkeley-based publishers of do-it-yourself legal books and software, it’s like hiring the know-how of a whole legal team that doesn’t bill by the hour.  In fact, this handy paperback is yours for as little as $16.99 or even take $2 off that price for an ebook.  


The Scoop:

Every Dog’s Legal Guide:  A Must-Have Book For Your Owner by Mary Randolph, J.D.
$16.99 for the paperback edition, plus a gift with purchase or $14.99 for an electronic copy of the book.