Your morning dog walk just got better. Behold the DOOG Walkie Belt! This lightweight (and dare we say, stylish) accessory keeps all of your pup’s essentials close at hand with room for your morning must-haves too. Designed to free up your hands and your pockets when taking your dog for a walk, its functionality can’t be beat.

Pre-loaded with 30 poop bags and 20 scented hand-wipes for the inevitable, the DOOG Walkie Belt’s also got handy holders for your house keys, phone, and treats. There’s also a carabiner for attaching your leash or a water bottle, or for hanging the belt from a hook when you’re not using it. And for those who can’t imagine the morning walk without tunes and a double latte, you’re in luck. Just clip on your iPod and tuck some money in the zippered pocket and go.

This award-winning accessory is not just for walking, it’s perfect for running and hiking with your pup too. Leave it too our fun-loving Aussie friends to hook us up with this ultimate import, making life with our best mates even better.


The Scoop:

The DOOG Walkie Belt
Available in blue denim, black, red, green, pink, camouflage, yellow and polka dot, $39.95.