Woof Report can’t get enough of summer fun with our dogs. We already passed along our top tips for getting out and about with your dog. But what about after you hit the dog-friendly hiking trails and off leash beaches and splash around in the kiddie pool? Then what? Waste no time, folks. The official Dog Days of Summer are upon us (noted as July 23-August 23 by ancient Romans). So get out there and celebrate this glorious season with its fuzzy namesake. There’s so much more to explore. Just look!


Visit a Vineyard! Many wineries welcome dogs on their grassy grounds and we’re sure your dog would enjoy a picnic there with you (no need to even ask!). Find dog-friendly wineries in California with The Wine Institute’s handy list, or search online for them in your area. Many wineries even have dog-friendly events for pups and their people, such as the HALL Winery and Woof Report Canines & Wines Event this Sunday August 2nd.


Catch the Show. Pack a blanket, some snacks and a bottle of wine (water and a bowl for you-know-who) and sit back and enjoy! Movie nights light up local parks all around the country, from New York City’s Bryant Park to Chicago’s Grant Park, and parks around the San Francisco Bay Area.


Take Your Best Shot. Get snap happy with your dog. Pick a gorgeous day to pose your pup, shoot the scene, or have a friend take some of you with your dog. Choose a familiar location, bring your dog toys and set a playful tone. If your photo day’s a fun experience for both of you, your shots will shine. And come holiday season, you’ll be set with photos for holiday cards and photo framed gifts.


Hit the Open Road. Pick your destination and get out of town with your pup. Just you, your dog and the vacation you both deserve. Search for pet-friendly hotels by chain at petswelcome.com or visit VRBO.com (a tip from Woof readers Audiogirl and Trevor) where you can filter your search to find pet-friendly vacation rentals by owner, or check out luxurypaw.com.


Cook From Scratch. Pick a recipe and pamper your pup with a homemade surprise. Doesn’t your dog deserve some of your home cooking? Find recipes for homemade frosty paws, peanut butter treats and more in the Woof Report Feasts & Treats tip category. There’s even a tip on no-cook Kong recipes if you can’t take the heat.


Take a Class. No need to wait until Back to School time. Summer’s the perfect time to take a class or study up on doggie tricks and tips. Check in with your local SPCA for classes in flyball, agility, nose tracking and more, or maybe your dog can just use a refresher on basic manners. There’s a class out there for you two and you’ll enjoy the bonding time as much as he will.


Ruff it. Take to the hills on a dog-friendly weekend camping trip. Pitch a pup tent or go car camping. National camping resort chains like KOA and Jellystone are dog-friendly as are many private campgrounds and national forests. Rules for state parks vary, so check them out before you go. Learn more at hikewithyourdog.com.


Meet Up. Join that doggie meet up group you keep meaning to check out. Visit MeetUp.com and search by breed and/or location. Local dog resources and pet papers can also point the way to dog groups you’ll enjoy. Socialize together, isn’t that what best friends do best?

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Thank you to our Woof Report Friends Leo and Ceres for then photo.