We all know that our pets bring us infinite joy, add to our quality of life and in some cases, even save our lives, we love them like family. But do we really know why exactly we’re so attached? PBS explores this unique human/dog and cat bond in their appropriately named program Why We Love Cats and Dogs, part of their NATURE series.

Four-time Emmy Award winner, filmmaker and director Ellen Kent gets up close with animal behavior experts, evolutionary biologists, veterinarians, and actual pet owners to reveal how pets share our emotions and enrich our lives – and just why we love our cats and dogs. If, like us, you missed this exceptional program when it premiered on PBS February 15th, thank the Internet. You can watch the entire program online whenever you’d like, or check the schedule or your local listings for rebroadcast dates. 


The Scoop:

View PBS’ NATURE: Why We Love Cats and Dogs online in its entirety.


Check your local listings or the schedule below to see when it’s rebroadcast in your area.  It will be aired as soon as this weekend.


Enter Nature’s Why We Love Cats and Dogs photo contest to win a free DVD of the program.

Thank you to Torrie for the photo and to Michele for the tip.