Superzoo was here! One of the largest pet retail trade shows in the country unleashed the industry insiders in Las Vegas. From furshionistas to grooming gurus, the Superzoo Pet Expo showcased the newest innovative pet products the world has to offer. While we love to feature toys, treats and other pup delights, this time we focused on products ranging from home care to caring for pups at home. Here’s our line-up of new stuff to love (and a few other favorites).


Foam Home
Bless the Bissell people. They must have pets. Their super handy Foaming Pet Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner restores your floors and fabrics to their ‘pre-peed’ on condition. Even better, it packs a patented odor eliminator to discourage repeat offenders and a fabric-safe brush for deep-cleaning. If you’ve got other messes to content with, use their Drool Cleaner on nose and paw prints, dried drool or other slobber stains on glass doors and home or car windows. This non-toxic cleaner comes with a soft brush to loosen stuck-on dirt and a squeegee to clear away foam and residue. Get ready to reclaim your clean home and car, $5.59 and $7.99.


Hot & Cool Threads
Is your pet in rehab? No…not that kind of rehab. We’re talking about that period of dedicated recovery following surgery or while treating joint and muscle pain. The Warm Whiskers Pet Therapy Jacket was made just for pets who need help managing pain. This adjustable jacket can promote healing and increase your dog’s mobility thanks to comfortable support and both moist heat and cold aromatherapy packs. Created to help ease the discomfort of hip dysplasia, canine arthritis, or for dogs prone to getting cold, Warm Whiskers works for kitties too. Choose from four sizes for dogs and cats. Available in October 2009, $45.


Speed Gating
Finally you too can pass from one room to another without stumbling over the pet gate or stopping to close it behind you. The Retract-A-Gate Pet Gate fully retracts out of the way when not in use. So when your dog is free to roam around the house, the gate is not blocking the doorway. This tough indoor/outdoor gate is practically pup-proof, not to mention washable and resistant to mildew and UV rays. At 34″ tall, it’s one of the highest gates on the market and available in two sizes. Install and enthrall, $89.99 & $119.99.


Intriguing Pestibilities
Don’t worry, nobody knows you’re reading this. Plus, you’re not the only one wrestling with ants and roaches, flying insects, wasps, hornets and other nasty buggers. But with pets at home and the environment to consider, it doesn’t seem safe to spray toxic bug sprays. That’s where EcoSmart comes in. This ingenious line of products uses 100% safe essential oils to ward off the bugs (and offers products that will keep those weeds out of your lawn too), and they’re perfectly safe for people, pets, birds, fish and water sources, prices vary.


Tidy Dining
Pets don’t worry too much about table manners, but thank goodness you do. Otherwise, your pet’s dining space would look like the food fight scene in Animal House. Just chosen to receive a 2009 Editors’ Choice Awards from Pet Products News, the Neater Feeder for cats and dogs contains and separates water spills from food spills so food stays off the floor, out of the water. And if that’s not enough, consider this: you’ve got your pick of colors, sizes, even elevated feeders at different heights, $34.99 &nadash; $59.99.


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