If your baby happens to be four-legged, the Pawkit doggie bag will send your other totes packing. Complete with handy labeled pockets for Leash, Toys, Water Bottle, Towel, Bags, Bowl and Treats, this lightweight, messenger bag keeps you organized and oh so dog park chic.

Just the thing for a weekend at Grandma’s or take-your-dog-to-work day, the PawKit stashes all your dog’s essentials in one, stylish place and has a custom loop on the outside to carry a “Chuck It.” Even pack your cell phone, keys, and wallet in there too — this doggie bag is built for adventure with you. Sturdy construction and made with 100% water-resistant neoprene.

The Scoop:

Original Pawkit, $36. Back Pack Pawkit, $39. Add an optional $10 to either to include an accessories pack.
Available in black, red, royal blue and other colors, even camouflage which is on backorder now.