By now, your friends and family already know you’re a card-carrying nutty dog person. So why not be a card-sending one too? It’s easy. Send them all pet photo cards complete with your fur baby’s paw print. It’s an adorable way to welcome your new bundle of fur (and sure to give your friends a laugh too).

All you need is the Pawprints Pet Announcement Kit to get your good news on its way. Fully loaded with 10 cards with envelopes, 12 paw print cards, a print applicator and much more, it’s easy to capture your pup’s pawtograph without even touching her precious pads to ink. Thanks to a thin non-toxic layer of film, those little paws stay clean and dry.

And while you’re at it, consider making a few more paw prints for your puppy’s nursery. With Pawprints frame kits, you’ll get just what you need to create an impression of your dog’s paw, add a photo, and put it on display in a wall or standing frame. That little paw print can fill a big space in your room décor (and, of course, in your heart as well).


The Scoop:

Pearhead Pawprints Pet Announcement Kit, $19.95

Pearhead Pawprints Frame Kit, $34.95