You’ve got to wonder. What does your dog do while you’re away? Does he eat from the fridge? Is he partying with the neighbor dogs? And who left their collar in the guestroom? 

Get to the bottom of these pressing questions with (sound the techno music) the Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera. One part photo diary, one part spy cam, this tiny collar camera clips on to capture your dog’s day in automatic photos taken every one, five or fifteen minutes.

Of the 35 photos you can keep on the memory card, you’re sure to catch a few winners. Along with a close up of the laundry basket while he sniffs for your socks or a pre-bite shot of kibble, the secrets of your dog’s day await. It’s all here in 640 x 480 resolution — the dog park water cooler scene, the breathtaking view from kitchen floor, the reason you’re finding fur on your pillows.

And to think that for under $45, this water-resistant, durable little doodad doubles as a doggie PI. Get the answers you’re waiting for. Then print the 4 x 6 glossies to prove once and for all, it’s not the cat that tore up the sofa. Gotcha!


The Scoop: 

Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera, $44.99
Available for pre-order and ships in October. Camera includes USB cable and Lithium-ion battery charged by USB connection.