Some people say you resemble your pets over time. But with all that dog fur on your jacket, it’s a wonder anyone can tell you apart. It’s time to meet Pouf! That’s Mrs. Grossman’s “Pouf! Pat Off Unwanted Fur” sticker sheets — the cutest thing in hairlessness since the Chinese Crested.

Everything you want in fur removal and nothing you don’t, Pouf! won’t snag, pinch, pull or rip your clothes or good furniture. These adorable de-furring sticker sheets pick up the fluff in a few snappy pats. Stash them in your car, keep them in your desk and you’re living fur-free in seconds.

So much more appealing than that clunky roller tape or lint brush, each twenty pack of sticker sheets features a charming pet cartoon or photo design. And to make them absolutely irresistible, your purchase not only supports a North Bay business (Mrs. Grossman’s is located in Petaluma), but a portion of the proceeds benefits Guide Dogs for the Blind, the nation’s leading service dog organization.

Just say no to the shaggy dog look. No special makeover necessary. All it takes a sheet of Mrs. Grossman’s sticker tape and Pouf!, it’s gone.


The Scoop:

Pouf! Pat Off Unwanted Fur sticker sheets, $3.99 per twenty pack.