Sport your dog breed in Euro-style. Unique and ultra-cool, these dog breed stickers kick kitsch to the curb. They not only spell out your favorite breed, but they show it too. Slap them on your car, your stuff, share them with friends, at $2.99 each, they’re a budget cut you can stick with. Choose from over 50 breeds, and you can even get them on t-shirts in colors you love.

We’ll admit it, there’s one problem with these dog breed stickers, there’s not one for our beloved mixed breed pups, but that’s okay – we found stickers for the ever-adorable, always-lovable mutt, plus other breeds too. Order up these bold block-letter stickers and flash them with pride.

The Scoop: 

Dog Breed Stickers – 50+ breeds, $2.99


Dog Breed T-shirts, $24.99
See all dog breed options for stickers here too.


Lovable Mutt Stickers and other breeds, $4.49

Dog Breed Silhouette Stickers – just one more option, $4.99