How did pioneer pet parents do it? Without modern day pet care advances, their dear canine charges were at the mercy of fleas, the sun’s scorching rays, and worse, no doggie day spas. Lucky for us, today’s pet world abounds with inventive products and tools to keep our little darlings safe, insect-free, and most importantly, blissfully happy. Here are just a few of our picks.


Wipe Your Paws, Please
Now your doggie can leave his muddy paw prints at the door (sans the dirty towel routine). Meet the Paw Monster 5-in-1 Cleaning Tool. Its super-duper absorbent microfibers and the specially designed paw channel clean mud and gunk away from your pup’s paws. Perfect for post-play wipe downs or bath time, the removable mitt’s ready for dirty legs and tummies, and the handle includes an electrostatic brush for defuzzing your clothes or sofa, $12.99.


Makes a Lick of Sense
Doggie boo-boos heal beautifully thanks to Nurtured Pets’ Anti-Lick Strip bandages. Designed for use right on the fur, these handy bandages deter your pooch from licking and biting at hot spots, cuts and surgical sites. You can even use them on furniture and other household stuff that’s off-limits for persistent chewers, $24.95 and up or $8.95 and up for a trial pack.

Get the Gel Look
Pet-Guard Insecticide Gel packs the power of both sunscreen and safe insect repellent into a soothing, disappearing fur gel. Smooth it on doggie faces, feet, anywhere critters congregate. One application of this smart stuff and ear biting flies, gnats, fleas and ticks fly buzz off, $11.99.


Don’t Chew On This
Thank goodness for the Crittercord. One whiff of this clever cord protector and your dog will lose his drive chew. That’s because the Crittercord’s protective tubing repels pets with a citrus scent and bitter taste. And since these clever cord covers are invisible, you’ll protect your pets from electric shock without shocking your sense of style, $7.99 and $11.99.


Be Nosey
Spare that sweet snout the damage of sun and wind. Natural Dog Snout Soother can help. This 100% natural nose balm prevents and treats dryness, chapping and cracking on your dog’s sensitive nose. Especially handy for pugs, bulldogs and other Brachycephalic breeds, or any pooch that could use an extra paw to keep his nose moist, $15.95 or $2.95 for a trial size.

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