Puppy’s first fetch, his first day at obedience school — where’s the camcorder when you need it? Now, thanks to Pure Digital, it’s right in your pocket. Weighing in at just 3 ounces, the new Flip Mino makes taking and sharing video super stylish and as easy as snapping a picture. 

Zoom in on these sweet features: 2GB of on-board flash memory (that means up to sixty minutes of high-quality video), an internal rechargeable battery, a new slim and sleek design, and get this: instant uploading to YouTube, MySpace, or AOL video and one-click emailing capability. All you do is point and shoot, plug the camera into your USB port and post your pup’s video online or email it to friends. It’s that easy.

As the newest creation from the makers of the Flip Video Ultra, the top-selling camcorder in the US, the Mino arrived this past June to rave reviews. Now so portable and affordable, you can capture the sweet mischief of your lovable little monster or proudly display the poise of your princess. Howl with delight again and again as you watch the flick of your dog snagging the family dinner off the counter…even if you were the only one amused by it.


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