Make a stack of homemade dog cards to package as a gift or to send a personal note from you and your number one. It’s a perfect little project for a rainy winter afternoon inside – and what about those New Year’s resolution to save time and money? Make a batch and you’ll always have a birthday or greeting card on hand to send, without the time and cost of running out to the card store. With endless options for patterned fabric or paper and shapes, your cards will always be unique!


Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Dog silhouettes. These are easy to find online or to trace from a photo or picture.
  • Cards and envelopes. Create cards from cardstock or purchase pre-made cards and envelopes in pastel colors or black.
  • Patterned fabric scraps or thin, colored paper in a cute patterns.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Glue stick

Here’s How to Make the Cards:

  • Create a paper or cardboard template from your dog silhouette.
  • Cut the patterned fabric or paper into the dog shape using your template.
  • Glue the dog shape onto the card.

That’s it. Easy!


The Scoop:

If you want to try more simple doggie crafts, check out these appliquéd onesies from The instructions can be used to make t-shirts or totebags too.

Thank you to Paul Einlyng at for the photo.