Don’t tell Dad, but the dog can write. The furball’s drafting a mushy Father’s Day card right now. If it weren’t for the pesky dewclaw, she’d even hold the pen. Thank goodness for This ingenious website makes it easy for anyone to create real postcards, postmarked and mailed anywhere in the world. No stamp licking, no photo printing, no paw-writing necessary.

With a little help, your pup can upload her favorite photo, choose a font and color, and type in a message from pup to Pop. She won’t even need to chase down the mailman (even though she’ll want to). OnePennyPost creates each postcard on quality-stock and mails it anywhere in the world with delivery in two to five business days. 

Send one today for arrival around Dad’s big day, or for any reason at all. A new fur-do? A day at the beach? Puppy class graduation? At just $2.49 each, sending a real photo postcard fits a pup’s budget. Send some love and seal it with a lick. 


The Scoop:

OnePennyPost postcard service, $2.49 per card including postage. International mailing available.

Limited time offer – free postcard when you create an account!

Thank you to our Woof Report Friend Cajun for the photo.