It doesn’t take much to make a dog’s day. Cool grass underpaw, crunchy delicious treats, fresh water at the ready – it’s your doggie’s dream. For the rest of us, it’s another gorgeous summer day. With the warm weather beckoning, bonding with your best friend is as close as your backyard. Here are a few fun ideas for celebrating the sunshine together, with more to come soon.


Hit the Trail. What better way to stay fit and bond with your dog than hiking together? He’ll love the nose-to-ground tracking and picking up the little critter scents. Go to to find a dog-friendly trail near you. 


Show Up with Pup. Check out local calendars for upcoming doggie events in your area this summer. There’s Poochapalooza in Marysville, WA, Loreal’s Because Your Dog is Worth it Too! in Cranbury, NJ, and SurfinPaws Dog Jam in Huntington Beach, CA just to name a few. Since most events benefit humane societies, attending one is a great way to help homeless pets in your community. Check in with local rescue groups and the SPCA to learn about their events too.  


Shore Him You Love Him. Find the off-leash beaches nearby and go-go-go! Let your dog run wild, bring Frisbees and balls for fetch, whatever you like. It’s your day together. Just don’t forget to pack plenty of water and an umbrella for instant shade whenever you need it. 


Feast with your Beast. Go to and search for restaurants in your area with outdoor patios and enjoy brunch, lunch, dinner and anything in between with your fuzzy pal. 


Clean Up the Pup. Pick a gray day for your doggie’s home spa treatment. Start with sudsy bath, followed by ear cleaning, nail trimming and a doggie massage. Then, pop his bedding into the washer and get the grime off his dirty toys for the full makeover. 


Splash Around. Spring for a kiddie pool, or even a bone-shaped one made just for dogs to set up in the yard. Then, pull up a poolside lounge, a cool drink and call it day. Your dog will love it as much as you do.


Alpo Alfresco. Pick a date and organize a dog-friendly picnic with other pooch people. Relax with your friends while the dogs romp around. Share a meal and open a bottle of wine – just don’t forget the doggie treats. Everyone wins, especially your dog when you set aside time to play just with him. 


Take Pup Out to the Ballgame. Don’t miss the Dog Day Baseball games. See our past tip to see if there’s one near you or check with your minor league or local teams. 


Skip Town. Check out a new neighborhood in your city or play tourist somewhere close by. Go for a walk, try a new outdoor cafe and stop by the neighborhood pet store for a new toy and treats. What a great way to spend the day with your fur family member. 


There are so many excellent outdoor activities for you and your dog to enjoy.  Just remember that just like us, dog can overheat, dehydrate, even sunburn on the hot days. So it’s always best to schedule activities before or after the sun’s peak hours and pack along lots of fresh cool water and pup-approved sunblock. This way, nothing will get in the way of your good time together.

The Scoop: 

Woof Report’s got even more exciting summer adventures for you and your dog. Stay tuned for more coming soon. 


Thank you to our Woof Report Friend Annie for the photo.