Your doggie diva won’t turn up her nose to treats no matter how they’re served. Straight from the bag? No problem. Off the kitchen floor? Bring it on. But even dogs have preferences when it comes to treat service. For example, just waiting for a treat hidden away in the cookie jar is delicious in itself. So to enhance your doggie’s dining pleasure and your kitchen décor, the Woof Reporters rounded up our favorite cookie jars and treat canisters. Watch for these at a counter near you.


Rex Marks the Spot.
All you need is a permanent marker to personalize this weighty stoneware treat jar. And trust us, your dog will appreciate the gesture. Some things are best not shared, like biscuits and dried meat products made just for doggies. Fortunately, the folks at Pottery Barn understand this. Their handsome hand-painted treat jars are paws-off to anyone on two legs, $29.


In a Glass of its Own.
Bet on this – your dog can’t wait until these fabulous thick glass treat jars debut in your kitchen. If only he could read, he’d see that you personalized them with his name in chalk (after filling them with milk bones). But that’s only if he’s good. The handy re-labeling feature makes it easy to reassign these treat jar to anyone you chose, like the cat for example. It’s up to him. Deliciously fresh treats from his own airtight treat jars, or watching the cat feast instead? We think you know where this is going, $3.99 to $6.99.


Such a Steel.
Well, not exactly, but modern dog-people rave about the clean lines of this sleek nickel-plated porcelain treat canister. Sometimes a little splurge is worth it, especially when it involves treats that look good and stay fresh on your counter top. After all, you can be fairly sure this canister won’t go unnoticed. Someone will definitely be eyeing it carefully. Available in two sizes, $55 and $69.


Vintage Vessels.
Cozy kitchens everywhere could do with this vintage-style beveled canister. Not only does it look smart in high-fired stoneware, but its airtight lid keeps treats tasting fresh and fabulous. Lead and cadmium free – it’s got the looks of a bygone era without the problems. You can even pop it in the dishwasher. Fill up yours. Available in four colors, $34.95.


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