Everybody saw it. From our comfy couches with pups by our sides, we sat and watched as rescue boats plucked New Orleans’ residents from rooftops leaving their pets behind to perish in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Filmmaker Tom McPhee was there. With camera in hand, he captured what happened to the pets, the owners and the volunteers caught up the America’s worst domestic animal crisis in history.

Now that McPhee’s documentary “An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever!” has been screened at 40 film festivals worldwide, winning four awards along the way, it’s coming to an independent theatre or library near you. Woof Report invites you to join other animal advocates, local pet charities and Tom McPhee himself for a screening of this riveting film and Q & A session. 

“An American Opera” zooms in on the massive disorganized effort to do the right thing by saving as many pets as possible. By weaving together actual footage of vets, owners, officials, rescuers, and animal adopters mired in the chaos of the hurricane evacuation, McPhee aimed to achieve two ultimate goals – convincing others to help with the effort, and inspiration. “We all need to be doing something more than what we are doing,” McPhee said. “I expect to motivate (the audience) to do something.”   

Now the Rescue Party Tour wants you. The tour celebrates the human relationship with pets in our society by telling the story of the Greatest Pet Rescue Ever. The events will showcase local animal charities and allow them to raise awareness in their respective communities. Speak up for pets at the “An American Opera” screening in your community.


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The official site for “An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever!” Learn more, see the trailer and check for screening dates in your city.


Visit the Rescue Party Tour site for information about screening dates and to purchase tickets.