Dogs are probably just like us. When they hear a story, they’ll pay just a little more attention when it relates to them. Still, that’s just one reason why the latest Woof Report find is so handy.


When you visit the website, you’ll find a listing with over a hundred books for kids of all ages, and all of them feature dogs. The books are categorized by breed and each book title links to a description of the book. From Collies and Corgis to Poodles and Papillons, find charming stories that center around a dog just like yours.


And why do you need a children’s book that centers on a dog like yours? Because that book together with your dog is a tremendous motivator for your child, niece or nephew, or neighbor who is getting started reading aloud.  Have them read to a dog and they’ll feel more comfortable reading aloud, and read more.


The idea is based on the  tremendous response to ‘reading dog’ programs. In such programs, trained therapy dogs visit schools and libraries so that children can read to them. Dogs are fabulous listeners, they don’t judge or urge kids to read faster or correct their mistakes, and they’ve contributed to helping children make amazing progress in their reading skills, and have even encouraged them to look forward to reading.


That said, it’s clear the children in your life could benefit from reading any book to your dog, but wouldn’t it be more fun if the character in the book were just like the furry good listener by their side?


The Scoop:

See the list of “Books by Breed” from, and learn more about reading dogs. While you’re at the site, be sure to take a look at the adorable photos of children reading to dogs!

Since the marvelous mutt, was noticeably missing from the list, here’s addendum to the list where you can find books about mutts.


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Thank you to Alice Jamieson on flickr for the photo of Archie.