It’s pouring outside and your dog doesn’t seem to notice. There he is circling his leash and whining at the door. What’s a pet person to do? Well, thanks to a pet person with a similar situation, we’ve got your solution. Meet the Rain Rover. Now you can hold your umbrella and leash in the very same hand, and still have the other free to sip your warm latte or answer those oh-so-important calls on your cell.

Rain Rover is a nifty umbrella and leash combo that features a built-in seven-foot retractable leash that releases with one touch. Just the thing so your dog can dash around while you stay dry, the Rain Rover is always ready to lend a hand…literally.


The Scoop:

Rain Rover
$39.95, available in Zebra and Candy Cane. Perfect for dogs under 20 pounds.


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