As we begin the New Year, we’re on our final day of celebrating the Best of 2008.  Here are your favorite Woof Report tips for Dog People.

Zoom in on your Dog’s Day | 2008-09-19
You’ve got to wonder. What does your dog do while you’re away? Does he eat from the fridge? Is he partying with the neighbor dogs? And who left their collar in the guestroom? Get to the bottom of these pressing questions with the Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera. One part photo diary, one part spy cam, this tiny collar camera clips on to capture your dog’s day in automatic photos taken every one, five or fifteen minutes.


Personalize It! | 2008-06-30
Need some cute, personalized address labels or note cards for you and your family? Why not include the whole pack – four-legged members, too. There’s a multitude of options for including your fur (and even feathered) family! We’re talking petastic – 80 options for dog breeds alone, then you get even more options to find the exact match for your pup’s coiffure.


Shiny Happy Canines Laughing | 2008-08-13
Move over Wegman, Anna Kuperberg’s got a Canon L and she knows how to use it. Just look at her dog shots on So sharp, so unique, each dog’s personality comes right into focus. Unlike any pup portraiture you’ve seen, this top Bay Area photographer zooms in on a snout, a tongue, a paw, the rest. The result is so much more than a beautiful photo. It’s the joy of being a dog.


Raise a Glass to the Dogs | 2008-08-12
Wine by the glass? No thanks. It’s all about the bottle with the Carivintâs’ Dog Lovers Wine Collection. Carivintâs serves up an amazing selection of varietals. But in a world overflowing with top wine choices, it’s the rescue dog labels that keep us pouring. Their Dog Lovers Collection supports dogs in need all over the country. Shop for wine or choose a bottle and create a custom label from your pup’s photo.


Stick with Me | 2008-08-22
As tempting as it is to email your entire doggie photo album to everyone you know, it’s probably best to hold back. Even as you scroll through tedious toddler albums, somehow Fido’s birthday photos illicit eye rolling from friends. It’s so unfair. So to make sure your pup’s portraits get the airtime they deserve, why not sneak them into everyday life with StickerBooks from