Put your paws together for the top products for dog people – cool finds to show and share your pup love. Here are just a few of your favorites.


A New Breed of Baker | 2009-03-04

Who doesn’t love a homemade cookie? Nobody, that’s who. And since we’ve often featured tasty recipes for your pampered pups, we thought it was high time we indulge the dog people in their lives. So dust off those cookie sheets, we’ve got an easy sugar cookie recipe – and Dog Breed Cookie Cutters! Positively baker’s bliss, choose from over 80 stainless steel dog breed cutters that make the baking part seem well, boring. In fact, why not just roll out the pre-made cookie dough (like we did) and get to work with the cutters?

Your Dog’s 15 Minutes | 2009-05-01

She may not be famous yet, but really it’s a just a matter of time. Before long, the puparazzi’s bound to pop up on her dog park runs. Now’s a good time to kick off your dog’s career with headshots she can pawtograph later. Get your dog discovered with Photofunia.com’s online photo editing site. So fantastic, so fun, and so gloriously free, Photofunia.com’s got 74 photo templates to choose from. Just upload your pup’s pic into fun photo montages. Then save her shots or insert into them into emails, or post the links on Facebook or Twitter or wherever your dog wants to be.

Help Memories Grow | 2009-05-14

It’s a tough spot. You want to honor the memory of beloved pet, but you don’t quite know how. Woof Report’s been there. We recognize the profound loss and grief associated with a passing pet. So when we learned about the Arbor Day Foundation’s Trees for Pets program, we just had to pass it on. You can choose a “Tree of Celebration” or “Tree of Memory,” or give a gift of a tree to another pet person. No digging required. Just think about. By participating in Trees for Pets your pet’s memory will grow with every year. All this, while nurturing a healthier earth. Is there a better way to honor a best friend?

Bands for Barkers | 2009-08-19

Any hip dog will tell you, the latest look is all in the wrist. (Well, it’s actually more like all-in-the-leg, but you get the point.) The must-have “Livestrong” style leg bands are popping up on pups all across town. And who can resist them? It’s pop-culture goes pup culture! While these wristbands won’t benefit charities and causes like the Lance Armstrong originals and the numerous others they inspired, they will make your pup the talk of the neighborhood. Choose from a line-up of five motivational sayings and city chic colors to give every pooch a leg up on the pack.

Stuck on Pup Pride | 2009-03-20

Sport your dog breed in Euro-style. Unique and ultra-cool, they not only spell out your favorite breed, but they show it too. Slap them on your car, share them with friends, at $2.99 each, they’re a budget cut you can stick with. Choose from over 50 breeds, and you can even get them on t-shirts in colors you love. There are options for our ever-adorable, always-lovable mutts too. Order up these bold block-letter stickers and flash them with pride.

iPhone Apps for Pup People | 2009-04-03

Hey, pup people. iPhone’s calling and it’s for you. If you’re not an iPhone or iPod touch user, then you’ll want to be after you type “dog” into iTunes App Store search. Training tips, pup care manuals – it’s a digital doggie dream, downloadable to your iPhone or iPod touch in seconds. And did we mention the price? Apps start at $.99, or even better, some are free. From off-leash dog park finders to pet owner’s manuals and more, just look what you can get.

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