The Woof Reporters love our reader’s tips. Thanks for sending in your training tricks, product picks, all the fab finds from your fur family. Here are just a few favorites from our mailbag this month. 


Cool Water Cozies
“Hot nights are not good for dogs if you don’t have air conditioning. To keep my dog cool, I fill two liter plastic soda bottles with water and freeze them. Then, I place them in the area where my Golden loves to sleep. He likes the cold bottle by his belly.” 
– Carmen & Mac


No More Tears
“I am a dog groomer and my clients have tear stain problems. There’s a new product on the market, Purifeye, an all-natural herbal remedy. It eliminates tear stains at the source with a blend of alfalfa, hops, papaya, herbs and essential vitamins and minerals. I use it to cleanse and purify, help fight infections and boost the immune system. I love this product and recommend it to my customers. My Tommy is an older dog, but let me tell you, the stuff works and he loves the taste of it. I bought it at a Holistic Petstore for $28. It goes a long way.”  
Note: We found it online at
– Andrea, Tommy & Chloe


Found Toys
“You can get stuffed toys at the local thrift store for usually around 25 cents. You can often find brand new ones since parents rarely buy them for their kids. Wash them before giving them to your dogs and make sure there are no beanies inside. Get the ones with with sewn eyes, noses and other parts because the plastic stuff is too tempting for dogs.” 
– Tenly, Sugar Pie & Othello


Ring Bell for Service
“Bentley and Peanut both ring a bell to go outside. This keeps them from barking unless someone comes to the door. Bentley has also learned to ring a hotel style bell when he wants to go out on the lanai to lie in the sun. It is easy, just tap their paw to the bell each time you go outside, regardless what the reason is for going out. Your canine companion will soon learn that if they want to go out, they’ll need to ring the bell. This works great if you’re traveling and staying in a hotel too. It also keeps them from scratching at the door. When we moved from New York to Florida, I placed the hotel style bell on the car floor and when Bentley needed to relieve himself he would ring the bell. It worked great!” 
– Kimberly, Bentley & Peanut


Your Trash, Your Dog’s Treasure
An excellent and enjoyable boredom buster…an empty used peanut butter jar!”
– Miz Pugsy


Amusement Park Pet Care
“Six Flags around the country and Disneyland offers to kennel dogs at their sites while visiting their parks. I visited Six Flags in Dallas a month ago and was able to kennel my two dogs for the day for $5.00 per dog – reasonable! The folks there were more than hospitable in aiding me in this endeavor. Nobody else was allowed to open their kennels except me and their only request was that check in on them and take them outside to do their duty every two to three hours. We visited during a move towing a trailer and it was nice to stop and experience Six Flags without worrying about our beloved animals – just something not too many dog owners are aware of – what a great experience!”
Note: There are kennels located adjacent to Disney World Park entrances too.
– Theresa, Mya & Bear

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