If you’re considering bringing home a new feline friend for the reigning doggie royalty, you don’t want to miss this recent report at Science Daily. New research from Tel Aviv University, the first of its kind in the world, proves that the fur doesn’t fly as often as you think.

In fact, “Dogs and cats can live in perfect harmony in the home, if introduced the right way.” The trick is introducing the pair when the kitten is less than six months old and the puppy is less than one year. Before you know it, they could be napping together, drinking from the same bowl, even grooming each other like jolly old pals. This chummy dynamic is more likely than not. The numbers are in: two thirds of the 200 pet families studied reported a peaceful cohabitation between dog and cat.

But like any good relationship, it all comes down to communication. And as it turns out, the best dog/cat friendships are born when dogs learn to speak cat fluently (and vice versa). Since cross-species barking and meowing is completely out of the question for any self-respecting pet, these housemates learn to pick up on the opposite signals they each express through body language. A swish of the tail equals a happy dog or cranky cat. Ears back signal a submissive dog or a cat about to pounce. So it’s really in everyone’s best interest to pick up a few “words” before commandeering the cozy spot on the sofa.

But as we humans know so well, nobody said it would be easy to live with the other species. But like us, dogs and cats can learn to talk it out, even if it results in the silent treatment from time to time.


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Thank you to Suzalayne, Calvin and Max for the photo.