There are those secrets dog people keep. You know the ones. “A secret in your heart that you’d only share with your dog, or a secret you wouldn’t want your dog to ever find out.” Thanks to animal expert and dog trainer, Nikki Moustaki, MA, MFA, these secrets and those from dogs are finally out in her hilarious book, Dogfessions: Secret Confessions from Dogs.

Maybe you kiss your dog more than your husband. Maybe your dog secretly enjoys his baths. Perhaps your dog knows so much about you, you could never run for political office (Don’t worry he won’t tell). If this sounds like you, you’ve got to check out Moustaki’s dogfessions website too. Not only does it welcome you to browse the dogfessions, but it tells you how to mail in your or your dog’s own doggie secret. Just jot down your short “dog secret” on a 4 x 6 postcard or photo, and decorate it any way you like. Then mail it in for possible inclusion on the site and in the next Dogfessions book.

Even better, one dollar will be donated to homeless pets for every dogfession received. Now’s your chance. Speak up for yourself or your pup and set those secrets free.


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