We almost didn’t believe it, but it’s true. It’s actually possible to cozy up to your dog’s luxurious fur even when you’re apart. All you need to do is spin his fur into a sweater or vest. And why not? You’re probably already covered in dog hair anyway. Here’s where we’ve learned about this “interesting” fashion trend.


See the Photos. Check out the photo at the top left and those at the link below taken by Erwan Fichou. His portraits feature people modeling outerwear made from the fur of their beloved dogs.


Read the Book. Check out Knitting With Dog Hair: Better A Sweater From A Dog You Know and Love Than From A Sheep You’ll Never Meet. This how-to primer offers up everything from gathering the fur to spinning and knitting. It even has care tips to help make your sweater last and last.


Order Online. If you’re not into spinning your own yarn from your dog’s fur, there’s VIP Fibers. Brush your pet, collect the fur and send it away to VIP Fibers to be spun into yarn. Really. It’s then returned back to you to create the duds of your dreams. Or for an additional fee, they’ll even turn it into a knit good of your choice, such a scarf, hat or mittens.


The Scoop:

See all of Erwan Fichouc’s photos on the blog at the link below.


Knitting with Dog Hair Book