If you’ve ever secretly wished your dog had a show biz career, tune in to this. This evening CBS unleashes “Greatest American Dog” — a smart new reality show for home-trained and professional dogs with talent. True to the American way, the casting calls welcomed dogs of all walks of life — agility dogs, musical dogs, obedience dogs, mutts — every dog got his 15 minutes of fame and run at competing for the whopping $250,000 grand prize (that’s a lot of liver snaps!).

Reality TV the way it should be, “Greatest American Dog” opens with twelve dogs from across the country moving in together (each with their person). Each week the pups compete in training challenges before a panel of three esteemed judges. Ratings for each dog’s ability to learn and trainer’s expertise in teaching new skills are tallied resulting in one pup/person team voted out of the house each week.

So curl up on the couch with your great American dog for this TV debut. Cheer for teams from California, Oregon, Virginia, New York, and Texas. Or, even better, start practicing your dog’s special talent during the commercial breaks. You never know — he could be signing pawtographs by season two.


The Scoop:

Greatest American Dog
The show debuts on Thursday, July 10th at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
More information and team bios: