With the color green just on everyone’s mind for St Patrick’s Day, how about getting your green on in other ways. And we’re not talking about the shamrock shirt you wore. With yesterday’s luck of the Irish and these handy tips, you can help your pet go easy on the environment. There’s so much more you can do than recycle pet food cans or bags and walk, not drive, to the dog park.


Read on for easy ways to leave only paw prints on our big beautiful world.


Adopt Your Pet. It’s the ultimate form of recycling.  According to SpayUSA, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in United States every day. With these birth rates there will never be enough homes for them all, so rescue or re-home a pet and save a life.

Spay & Neuter. Help control the overpopulation of pets that strain our shelters and natural resources alike. Spay or neuter your pet for greener living.

Go Natural. Just like us, dogs deserve nutritious foods without preservatives and chemicals. Buy all natural dog foods and treats or make your own from local, sustainable ingredients. Also, buy in bulk to cut down on packaging and trips to the store.

Gear Up for the Earth. Outfit your pup in a cool hemp collar. Tuck him into an organic cotton pet bed. Now it’s easier than ever to find products made from recycled materials and sustainable fibers without sacrificing the quality your best friend deserves.


Get a New Scoop on Poop. The plastic bag is on its way out. In fact, this landfill lubber is not even fit to scoop dog poop. For a greener approach, choose to scoop with a bio-degradable bag and compost the messy stuff. Yes, compost. Dog poop is attributed to 20% to 30% of the pollutants in our waterways and high levels of bacteria contamination. Fortunately, new doggie septic systems keep your lawn smelling fresh while breaking down the waste into a liquid the ground can safely absorb.

Clean Green. From pet shampoos to carpet cleaners, choose products that are delicate on the earth and your pet’s senses. Avoid cleaning products that contain sulfates, phosphates, and other chemicals and for pets, select products that are made from natural environmentally-friendly ingredients. And to clean with extra care, cut down on paper goods and consider reusing rags or opting for recycled paper towels for wiping up after pups.

The Scoop:

There’s so much more pet people can do to go green. Learn more at the links below for love of your pet and the earth.


Thank you to our Woof Report Friend Roo for the photo.