There are so many pet charities to choose from out there. Let the Woof Report make it simple for you; helping pets & their people couldn’t be easier!

As you gather around the table this Thanksgiving, giving thanks comes naturally. You’re honored to have your friends, your family, your comfortable home, and of course, your furry best friend. Before all the demands of the holidays fall upon us, the Woof Reporters invite you to consider putting that gratitude to work for dogs and families in need.

Here’s a timely and important pet charity that puts your dollars into action: No Paws Left Behind. With your support, families and pets can stay together as they face foreclosure during these difficult economic times. That’s the job of “No Paws Left Behind.”

Reaching Out

Launched this past June, this non-profit reaches out to pets that been left behind to suffer needlessly and works as a support group for families facing foreclosure to help their pets find safe shelter. Their website directs visitors who find or know of abandoned pets to local animal shelters and other alternative housing providers for pets in need. Your donation to No Paws Left Behind also helps their efforts to create a national movement targeting lawmakers to change the laws categorizing pets as personal property.

Join Woof Report in extending a paw to pets this holiday season with a monetary gift to shelter and rescue organizations. Or with your gift of time or a donation of food, toys, blankets and other items greatly needed.

The Scoop:

No Paws Left Behind

See Woof Report’s list of animal shelter and rescue organizations that welcome your assistance this holiday season.

Originally published January 2011, reviewed and updated July 2017