Even old dog people can learn new tricks. Just log on to Howcast.com to pick up handy tips on caring for your dog. With over 40 engaging and instructional videos and guides dedicated to dog care, your next lesson is as close as your computer.

Find out how to give the ultimate dog bath. Tune in for tricks on brushing a pup’s teeth. Even learn to prevent pups from overheating. Each video’s detailed, step-by-step demonstration makes it’s so easy to remember. Howcast numbers and labels each step so you can fast forward or backward to zero in on any part. And, to make sure you have everything you need in advance, each video lists every item you need for the task. You can also print a companion guide for each video, complete with instructions and photos.

Once you’re hooked on Howcast for your dog, check out their library of over 5,000 how-to videos on a wide range of subjects. Follow along with a quick sushi rice lesson or learn how to improve your gas mileage. Howcast has the answers. All you have to do is ask.


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Howcast.com – Dog How-to Videos

Just a Sampling of Videos You’ll Find

How To Bathe Your Dog

How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

How To Prevent Your Pet from Overheating