Whether he’s best dog or fur bearer, follow these tips to prep your pup for his big march to the altar.


1. It’s hard to believe, but not everyone is crazy about dogs. Remember, most guests come to see the happy couple, so don’t let the show go to the dogs.

2. Make sure your pooch looks his best, fresh from the bath and smelling divine.

3. Pee the pet now or forever hold your peace. At an outdoor wedding, let the pup mark his territory before the ceremony.

4. Leash the sweet beast. Even the best behaved dog can’t resist a squirrel. Four-foot leashes keep control.

5. A trainer or dog-loving friend makes sure the pup stays happy, hydrated and well-behaved from vows to reception. 

6. The clothes make the dog. Why upstage the bride with a fancy dog tux or dress? Outfit the pooch with a collar or boutonniere to match the wedding party.

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