How are you expected to get back to work with so many hilarious dog pictures online? We say: pupcrastinate just a little bit longer. These sites will help:
So silly and humiliating for any leash-carrying member of the canine community, begs the question: are the cats behind this site? With hilarious (for the most part) antics caught on film, these everyday dogs manage to maintain their dignity as they don gnome hats and other undog-like accessories. Fortunately, these good-natured pups seem to be in on the joke which makes a pupcrastination winner every time.
What’s the only thing cuter than a dog’s fuzzy mug? A dog’s fuzzy mug upside-down, of course. That’s why this new site has received hundreds of photo submissions since it launched one week ago. Visit for a laugh or to share your favorite upside-down dog shots.


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