In our quest to bring you only the most riveting pet content everyday, your Woof Reporters uncover some real jewels. From the bizarre to the absurd and everything in between, here are just a few funny favorites we salvaged from the scrap heap. Enjoy.


Snore Stopper
Beagle or elephant seal? If your dog’s snore is so loud, you can’t be sure, have no fear, SnoreStop is here. Just dose your dog with dissolving tables or oral spray and pad off to bed. Proceed with sound sleeping.


Potty Mouth
Why just settle for a tasteful water bowl when you could add a mini-toilet bowl to your dog’s dining set? This silly ceramic potty fills with fresh, delicious H20, thanks to the two-liter water bottle you fill in its tank. A stunning addition to your kitchen décor, or anywhere your dog refreshes, the Dog Toilet Water Bowl definitely makes a statement.

Gunning for it
Help your dog shed a few pounds cowboy-western style. All you need is a SnackShotz Treat Launcher. Just load up the handy treat gun with Discos Flying Dog Treats and fire away. With treats launched up to twelve feet in the air, your dog will dash, leap and burn extra flab while passersby duck and cover.


Poopsicles, Please
Are you tired of scooping sticky doo from the sidewalk? Poop-Freeze to the rescue! Just spritz this aerosol-free spray on a fresh poop to harden it instantly for easy scooping. Even purchase a handy tote carrier that holds your Poop Freeze can, a water bottle and your waste bags; emblazoned with the Poop Freeze logo, it’s the best thing to happen to poop since the plastic bag. Thanks Poop Freeze.


Baby Slings, Bjorn Carriers, Kiddie Backpacks — why should parents of human children have all the fun? For anyone who longs to carry their canine baby on their person, My Pet Shirt calls your name. A sweatshirt and pet carrier all in one, this fashionable hoodie features a secure marsupial-like pouch for hands-free shopping, dining, and strolling with your dog as close as possible. Fine print: Not recommended for Great Danes, Retrievers or any dog over 8 pounds.


Chatty Chomping
Worried that your dog doesn’t like to dine alone? Add some stimulating dinner conservation to his mealtimes with the Chatterbowl. Just record a loving ten-second message on the Chatterbowl Talkbox. Then every time he dips his nose in for a bite, your sweet nothings will echo throughout the room.