The work week is half over and it’s time for a pupcrastination break, so head on over to This hilarious site deserves a moment of your time. After all, is there ever really a bad time to view “Costumes on My Mutt” or “Food on My Mutt” photo albums? We didn’t think so. Fortunately, for our many Woof Report cat people out there (a whopping 30% of you have told us you have cats), the sister site is just as wonderfully ridiculous.

And there’s more for you cat people. Check out and you can help important animal charities like World Wildlife Fund or the SPCA of your choice. Just send them photo of a place you’ve visited and they’ll donate $5.00 to the charity if they use your photo for Zorro’s “travels.”

And finally, for any dog that has loved a toy a little too much, keeps the magic alive. Scroll through pics of pups with the toys they chewed, mauled and de-stuffed with love. How did we live without it?

If you missed our last editions and have some time to spare, get Pupcrastination I, here and Pupcrastination II, here.


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