Have you noticed? Everybody’s got a Bulldog all of the sudden. And thanks to the AKC’s 2008 annual top breed results, we finally know why. Drum roll please… The Bulldog returned to the Top Ten for the first time in more than 70 years last year and now has advanced two spots to 8th place. The Bulldog is even the second most popular purebred dog choice in the Western cities of Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Diego. Not surprisingly, the ever-popular Labrador Retriever still ranks number one in the west and all across the nation.

Other cities have pup preferences too. The AKC 2008 report sites a preference for petite pooches in San Jose, including the Poodle (toy variety included) padding in at number ten on the list. San Francisco’s love of larger breeds is on the rise with German Shepherds and Rottweilers moving up, while surprisingly, Milwaukee picks sporting group dogs, which account for over half of its Top Ten.

Unusual breeds that made the Top Ten in specific cities include the Great Dane (10th in St. Louis), the Mastiff (10th in Indianapolis), the Brittany (10th in Minneapolis), the Belgian Malinois (8th in Kansas City) and the Siberian Husky (9th in Long Beach).

Lucky for us, the AKC has been tracking pup preferences for 125 years. For the complete 2008 Top Ten list and a look back at the “It” dogs of yesteryear, check out the complete results.


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Thank you to Lori Tingey for the photo.