Your Reader’s Dogest is back! Your fellow Woof Report readers are writing in with tips, tricks and even more puptastic ideas. We hope you will too. In the meantime, here are just a few of our favorites.


Check them out and pass them on.


Here’s the Beef
“For a low cal, inexpensive, easy treat, I dilute a beef bouillon cube in a cup of hot water. Then I pour it evenly over an empty ice cube tray and fill it to the top, freeze and serve. My dogs love them, especially on hot days.”
– Eva, Brenna and Dylan


Poochie Squeegee
“To remove dog hair from carpet, use a squeegee, just like the kind you use to clean windows. Run it across the carpet using pressure and you won’t believe the hair it picks up!”
– Alexis and Louie


PawPets Puppets
“PawPet hand puppet toys are my dogs’ top pick. I slip mine over my hand for interactive play or throw it for fetch. The toys are super durable, over two-feet long and great for hands-on play with your dog.” Note: The company founder recently donated over 150 toys to San Francisco Bay Area shelters as a Valentine’s Day surprise.
– Ian, Leo (pictured at the top left), Layla and Gigi


Clip in for Animal Welfare
“At you can buy dog bone shaped paper clips (which are AWESOME; I have some) and support humane organizations at the same time!”
– Michelle and Holly Berry


Sill Saver
“Love this product – without it, I would never have gotten my security deposit back on my rental. So simple and cheap but genius. It is a window sill shield to protect your window sills from dogs jumping up and scratching.”

– Liz and Chip 

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