Here’s the thing: Dog hair is everywhere. It’s on your sofa, it’s on your sheets, it’s all over your clothes. We know. All dog people know. It’s part of our collective experience, just one of those little things we accept for the love of the pet. Like picking up poop from a sidewalk with a thin grocery bag. It’s a labor of love.

But sometimes the hair thing is just too much. You’re sipping your coffee at a café, look down at your fleece and think: It’s official. I look like Sasquatch. For those days, try this:


It’s best to get as much hair off the clothing before washing as possible. First shake out your clothing to remove loose hairs. Then try Pet Hair Pick Up by Evercare Company — it’s a super-sticker masking tape roller. Or, your regular old yellow dishwashing gloves will do the trick too. Put them on and run your hands over the clothes. It’s like magic.


Try a specially-formulated washing detergent for extra hairy garments  — including your dog’s favorite bedding, blankets and snuggly items. Pour in a splash of Le Chien et Le Chat Detergent. It’s comprised of a higher amount of enzymes than traditional detergents to help remove hair. Yes, ‘Le Chat’ is French for cat. But pet hair is pet hair, so go ahead. 



Meet the dryer sheet. It’s dog people’s secret weapon. These little babies liberate hair from clothes better than anything the washer can do. So pop one in for fur-free clothes until your next until your next big inevitable dog hug.


The Scoop:

Pet Hair Pick Up by Evercare Company and dishwashing gloves are widely available at grocery and mass merchandise stores.

The Laundress Le Chien et Le Chat Detergent, 16 oz bottle, $16.


Thank you to Patrick and Pokki in Ko Samui, Thailand for the image.